Partnering for Educational Excellence

At the Rotary Club of Peoria-North, we are proud to be the Adopt-A-School partner for two pivotal educational institutions in our community: the Peoria Regional Learning Center and The Elise Ford Allen Academy. Our commitment to enhancing educational environments extends through collaborative efforts with the schools’ leadership, staff, and teachers, aiming to support and elevate the educational experience for all students.

Our Contributions

We are dedicated to providing tangible improvements and support through the following initiatives:

Enhanced Learning Environments: Installation of benches in school courtyards to create a welcoming space for students to learn and interact.

Nutritional Support: Supplying fresh produce and shelf-stable food items to fill Little Free Pantries, ensuring students have access to nutritious food options.

Hydration Stations: Funding the installation of water stations throughout the schools and providing water bottles to encourage hydration and health.

Support for Students and Families: Offering gas cards and gift cards for lunches, aiding families in meeting their transportation and nutritional needs.

Community Engagement: Facilitating safe and healthy Trunk-Or-Treat events, providing enjoyable and safe treats for community celebrations.

Student Well-being: Distributing hygiene kits to promote health and personal care among students.

Join Us

We invite the community to join us in this meaningful partnership. Whether through volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word, your support makes a significant impact on our initiatives and the lives of students we serve. Together, we can make a difference in fostering an enriching educational environment and supporting the well-being of our future leaders.